Evaluation & Synthesis Strand Lead and Deputy Team Lead

We are seeking an experienced MEL specialist, to fill the roles of Evaluation & Synthesis Strand Lead and Deputy Team Lead. The Strand Lead (SL) is both a technical and managerial role. As a Strand Lead, you will oversee, coordinate and integrate interventions within the strand, which includes signing off internal and Client deliverables.

You will report directly to the GMEL Team Lead (TL), and work closely with other Strand Leads to build technical coherence and connectivity across GMEL strands and interventions. You will likely be supported by a Deputy who will provide cover when you are unavailable. The number of interventions and intervention owners will fluctuate over time. It is expected you will likely have several Intervention Owners (IOs) reporting to you at any given time.

Expected Level of Effort (LoE) is around 3 days/week.

Please download the full job description for more details about the role. To apply – send CV & cover letter to Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Job Description – Evaluation & Synthesis Strand Lead/Deputy Team Lead

Senior Monitoring Officer/Team Lead

We are looking for a Senior Monitoring Officer/Team Leader for Monitoring Services for the Canadian Small and Medium Organisations for Impact and Innovation Initiative funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development Canada (DFATD).

DFATD is seeking the services of a monitoring team to:

  • provide a comprehensive analysis of the SMO Initiative as a whole, including its 3 windows, highlighting progress towards expected results, the main risks to its successful implementation and proposed risk mitigation strategies for DFATD and the implementing agencies;
  • determine whether adequate planning, budgeting, technical support, reporting and monitoring mechanisms are in place for the implementation of the planned activities in accordance with the expected results and timelines set out in the financial agreements and other documents submitted by the implementing organizations and approved by DFATD;
  • identify challenges, both individual and collective, faced by SMOs funded under the Development Impact window as well as the implementing agencies (MCIC and ACGC);
  • assess the training and capacity-building needs for funded SMOs funded under the Development Impact window to contribute to the attainment of expected results and provide support to meet RBM-related capacity needs and;
  • provide timely advice and recommendations to DFATD project officers to strengthen project management, reporting and attainment of expected results by SMOs funded under the Development Impact window, and to support these SMOs in implementing proposed actions

The Senior Monitoring Officer will lead a team of monitoring officers and thematic specialists to ensure value for money and enhance the impact and effectiveness of Canadian SMOs in achieving verifiable international development results in support of fostering gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls, the Sustainable Development Goals and Canada’s international assistance priorities.

Qualifications required

Graduate degree (or equivalent) in international development, project management, social sciences, economics, gender studies, or other relevant field

Professional experience required

The proposed team leader should have at least 10 years of demonstrable professional experience in:

  • monitoring a program with multiple international development projects
  • supervising a monitoring team
  • monitoring the performance of a project or program based on RBM or a similar management and monitoring tool
  • communicating with various stakeholders involved in a development project or program
  • using participatory methods
  • innovation support (including incentive funds and venture capital investments)
  • public engagement;
  • support to SMOs;
  • results-based management (or a similar tool) training activities
  • 1 or more of the 6 (six) Feminist International Assistance Policy action areas
    • gender equality and empowerment of women & girls
    • human dignity
    • growth that works for everyone
    • environment & climate action
    • inclusive governance
    • peace & security
  • Experience in any of the following countries:
    • Africa: Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Lesotho, Madagascar, Mali, Rwanda, Senegal, South Sudan, Uganda, Zimbabwe
    • Asia: Afghanistan, Cambodia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam
    • Latin America and the Caribbean: Bolivia, Colombia, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua

Deadline for applications: 13th May 2022

Apply at: