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Climate Change Mitigation Indicator Compendium

Over the past five years, the CIFF climate portfolio has grown almost tenfold, supporting interventions around the globe in partnership with a variety of bilateral and multilateral funders.

In this leading role in climate change programming, CIFF has come to recognise the need for a registry of high-quality industry-recognised indicators to support climate change mitigation work, both internally and in the wider climate programming sector. As such, CIFF has contracted NIRAS-LTS International, in partnership with DevLearn, to develop a Climate Change Mitigation Indicator Compendium (CCMIC). Per the terms of reference developed by CIFF, the CCMIC should contribute to: (1) consistent and reliable measurement and comparisons of metrics across time, place, and measurer, supporting more longitudinal assessment, benchmarking, and strategic planning; (2) design of climate change mitigation interventions and related program/project frameworks, drawing upon a compilation of indicators that have been reviewed and are complemented with definitions and other descriptors to inform SMART indicator understanding and selection; (3) integration of climate change mitigation interventions by allowing users to access and cross-reference indicators across program areas during program design; and (4) overall knowledge sharing in the climate mitigation sector through a consolidated outlet of indicators organized in an intuitive architecture that reinforces understanding of climate change mitigation program areas.

Callum Murdoch

Senior Consultant