Evaluation of the TIBA Centre

Tiba is a multidisciplinary Centre for Tackling Infections to Benefit Africa (the TIBA Centre). TIBA is a partnership between UoE and leading African scientists in Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe. TIBA will work on all aspects of infectious diseases management – from basic research to uptake by local communities – in a single, unified framework.

This meets an often articulated but rarely addressed need to view infectious disease management not in isolation but in the context of local health systems and wide societal issues. TIBA will also contribute to the strategic goal of improving the health research ecosystem in Africa, providing a rare opportunity for different countries to work together in a common framework. No existing UK funding scheme would support a research programme of this scope and scale.

TIBA has 4 specific aims:

  • Improve the diagnosis and surveillance of infectious diseases in resource-poor settings. Diagnostics development is focussed on the provision of portable kits employing biomarkers, electrochemical and bio-sensors or sequencing technologies. Surveillance research includes optimising technologies, surveillance system design and eHealth.
  • Improve the deployment of existing drug treatments and enhance local capacity to develop new ones.
  • Improve the deployment of existing vaccines and enhance local capacity to develop new ones.
  • Improve the management of both endemic and emerging infections by i) strengthening health systems, with special attention to ethics and governance; ii) improving policy development and implementation (e.g. drug procurement, local licensing, regulatory harmonization); iii) enhancing capacity to respond to infectious diseases emergencies, while protecting capacity to manage endemic diseases concurrently.

LTS International has been contracted to support the UoE based management team prepare and conduct M&E of the TIBA project. The TIBA project has several phases.  LTS has first prepared the M&E framework for the TIBA Centre during the set up phase.  This is followed by M&E support, following the framework, for Rapid Impact Projects (2018-19), Making a Difference projects (2019-2020), tool kit projects (2020-2021) and a final evaluation at the project completion.  A theory based approach is being taken to assess progress against an overall theory of change for the TIBA Centre.  A set of standard indicators have been prepared by LTS to enable reporting on the project progress into the TIBA log frame and for evidencing progress against the theory of change.

Key Staff