Green Economic Growth Programme for Papua

Clients: Department for International Development

The Green Economic Growth Programme for Papua Provinces (GEGPP) is a major undertaking that will be implemented in what is arguably the most challenging development landscape in Indonesia.

The programme addresses five critical issues preventing Papuan small holder farmers (SHFs) and micro small medium enterprises (MSMEs) from developing sustainable agribusiness enterprises and viable small businesses: (1) weak capacity (low levels of education, lack of knowledge and basic business skills) of SHFs and MSMEs; (2) Papuan SHFs and MSMEs in remote rural locations struggle to produce commercially viable volumes of commodities and have very limited access to markets; (3) most Papuan MSMEs have difficulty accessing commercially viable amounts of credit and face high entry barriers; (4) a lack of coordination and synergy among key government agencies and donors that are supposed to support Papuan SHFs and MSMEs; and (5) the high cost of official licensing and permits required to do business, and the unofficial costs associated with local rent seeking.

GEGP adopts a market-systems approach focused on critical interventions to develop systemic change. Our strategy to create long-term sustainability of GEGP outcomes beyond the 5 years comprises of 6 elements – evidence, piloting, monitoring, informing, scaling-up and disseminating. Management delivery is structured around work streams. Our WS-level methodology aims to provide a comprehensive solution to the pressing capacity needs of Papuan SHFs, MSMEs, Intermediate Service Providers and Lead Firms who will receive TA and capacity development support from the GEGPP team.

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