Investments in Forests and Sustainable Land Use for Partnerships for Forests – Evaluation Manager

Clients: Department for International Development

This assignment supports DFID’s Partnerships for Forests (P4F). Focused on convening companies and governments, building support for demand-side measures and generating momentum for improved enabling conditions, P4F aims to catalyse increased private investment in sustainable forestry and ‘zero-deforestation’ agriculture.

LTS will support the P4F team and DFID through the design and implementation of an evaluation and learning framework that will generate evidence to support learning and adaptive management.

  • IFSLU is a global initiative, led by DFID.
  • LTS is contracted to lead this £1,154,000, four-year evaluation contract, working with NRI and Aid environment.
  • The contract is to design and implement an evaluation and learning approach for the programme, working closely with P4F.

The evaluation requires a strong focus on evidence and learning, to shape and influence effective outcomes.


Agricultural commodity expansion is the most important driver of forest loss globally. Working with the private sector is essential to ensure that future increases in agricultural and forest production avoid further deforestation.

However, approaches to influencing private sector investment have not had success; in part due to the low value placed by producers and consumers on the social and environmental benefits that forests provide. P4F is an innovative approach to resolving these complex issues and a highly engaged and learning approach to evaluation of it is therefore necessary.


This contract is providing:

  • Utilisation focused, theory-based evaluation to support adaptive management through generation of evaluation evidence and targeted learning activities.
  • A highly collaborative and cooperative approach to developing an overarching evaluation & learning framework for the entire IFSLU programme in partnership with the programme implementers (P4F).

The LTS team is responsible for implementing the E&L framework at the outcome level of the programme, ensuring learning across programme activities, and supporting adaptive management and knowledge management within P4F.

Value and benefits

The evaluation and learning framework will support adaptive management to improve performance of P4F based on its experiences and those of others working on similar sectors or initiatives. Through the use of regular feedback loops that support evidence-based learning and build capacity for self-reflection by the P4F, the LTS team will help ensure that the evaluation findings inform strategy, management decision-making.


Image credit: Bob Wick

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