Knowledge, Policy and Implementation Support Manager (KPISM) for Building Resilience and adapting to climate change programme (BRACC) in Malawi

Clients: Department for International Development

The UK is investing up to £90.65 million over five years (2018-2023) in the ‘Building Resilience and Adapting to Climate Change’ (BRACC) programme. The long-term impact of the programme is to contribute to a reduction in extreme poverty and end the recurrent cycle of hunger and humanitarian assistance in Malawi. The programme aims to do this by taking market-based approaches to improving people’s livelihoods; and developing scalable social safety net systems that respond predictably to weather and climate related shocks. LTS is working in partnership with the Overseas Development Institute, and two local-based partners the Centre for Development Management and Centre for Environmental Policy and Advocacy. The main objectives of the Knowledge, Policy and Implementation Support Manager is to support DFID in the implementation of the BRACC programme; Improve knowledge and understanding of poverty, vulnerability and climate risk for all stakeholders in Malawi; provide advice, evidence and innovation that drive adaptive implementation of the programme – particularly the component on climate resilient livelihoods; and deliver timely evaluation(s) to generate lessons on what does and does not work and why. The impact evaluation work includes the use of a large-scale randomised controlled experiment covering four districts. The evaluation team will also use cutting-edge framed-field experiments to understand the mechanisms linking activities to impacts.