Quality is at the heart of our business at LTS. Our core values, which drive the way we work, are based on a high level of ethical practice, excellent service, professionalism, equity, innovation and quality. This allows us to deliver real value and impact to a global community facing an uncertain future. LTS’ commitment to excellence in quality and ethics is evidenced by our ISO 9001 certification at our UK office.

We focus on providing consultancy services of the highest quality, tailored specifically to the job and drawing on the most current thinking, which we embed in our knowledge of what works in practice.

Policies and Systems used for the Maintenance of Business Integrity LTS offers multi-disciplinary teams crafted to the specific requirements of every assignment. In order to manage our business through these dynamic processes, LTS International has a set of policies and practices that, together, form our Business Integrity Management System. The key elements of our Quality System are our: Investors in People (IIP) accreditation; Quality Management processes (ISO 9001 certified); Code of Ethics; Filing and Information Management System; Risk Management processes.

Investors in People (IIP)

LTS has an “Investors in People” accreditation, which recognises that we value our staff as our key asset, promoting good achievement, morale, and retention of staff. The key benefits of being an IIP recognised organisation has a direct impact on the value provided in the delivery of our work, in particular through ensuring that LTS and partner staff adhere to the highest quality standards. In 2013, LTS received the IIP 10 Year Award certificate for continuously having IIP accreditation for the last 10 years. LTS’ IIP’s accreditation was successfully renewed in 2021.

IIP is a business improvement tool which is used to improve company performance through staff development. It provides tailored assessments designed to support LTS in planning, implementing and evaluating effective strategies.

Quality Management Processes LTS International prides itself on the delivery of quality and value for money in its project management and consultancy assignments. We have a series of processes in place that enable us to continue that quality assessment processes at home or on assignment including: peer review, institutional backstopping, standards and detailed resource planning.

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Code of Ethics LTS considers ethics to be a core part of our value statement and consistently tries to maintain our professional ethics. As such, in order to guide our business decisions in terms of the work we accept, the partners we choose and the approaches we take, we follow our “value and ethics statement” and our “environmental and recycling policy.” We have a contact point in the organisation; the company’s Operations Director, who acts as contact point for the organisation regarding ethical issues. Where relevant, issues are referred to the Board by the contact point.

Risk Management LTS International manages its risk through the development of project-specific risk matrices and ensuring due-diligence on sub-contracting. LTS has a pool of Associates and partner organisations with whom it has previously worked, whom it knows can deliver to the high standards expected at LTS. The LTS Associate pool and partner organisations are the first port of call for sub-contracting of work from LTS. If the associate pool is unable to deliver the sub-contracted work, consultants from our extensive network are to be contacted. Reference checks and due diligence checks are carried out on all sub-contractors and potential partner companies before they are contracted to take on any work.