Patrick Abbot

MSc Human Resources Management and Development, IDPM, University of Manchester, (UK) 2006;

PhD, University of Aberdeen (UK) 1997;

MSc Forest Business Management, University of Aberdeen (UK) 1991;

BSc (Joint Hons) Biological Sciences and Geography, University of Birmingham (UK) 1988.

A Director since 2007, Paddy became Managing Director of LTS in January 2009. He started his career by setting up an environmental NGO with friends back in 1987, which brought the concept of people and forests to schools and homes in the UK through educational programmes, film and popular publicity. In the subsequent years, he built-up field experience in the areas of ecology, socio-economics, and organisational development and supported institutional strengthening at local and national levels. Paddy remains passionate about development and the environment and he now combines a company management role with consultancy work. This consultancy focuses on supporting monitoring and evaluation processes for a range of clients and delivering institutional assessments and policy analyses. He is currently Technical Director of the Evaluation & Learning Service for the Cross-Government Prosperity Fund.


  • MEL Unit for DFID Nepal’s Resilience Portfolios
  • Evaluation of the Prosperity Fund and Programmes
  • Program Evaluation of the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP)
  • Evaluation and Learning Partnership on Financing Forest and Forest Related Enterprises
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Administrative Manager of the Darwin Initiative and the Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund
  • National Forest Programme Support Services to the South Africa Forestry Programme
  • Water and Forestry Support Programme
  • Research and Advocacy Programme
  • Review of Nine Regional Forestry Frameworks
  • Mid Term Review of Conservation Management Training and Capacity Building in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Evaluation of Closed Darwin Initiative Projects Located in South Africa
  • Protected Areas Development Programme: Phase II
  • Improved Forest Management for Sustainable Livelihoods Programme
  • Implementing Africa’s Science and Technology Consolidated Plan of Action
  • Certification in the Natural Products Sector and Feasibility of Interventions
  • Mid Term Review of Developing Reserves for Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Fisheries in Rodrigues, DEFRA
  • Evaluation of Closed Darwin Initiative Projects in Seychelles, Mauritius and Rodrigues
  • Regional Climate Change Programme
  • Policy Options for Strengthening the Management of Miombo Woodlands to Meet Household Needs in Southern Africa
  • Mid Term Review of Buffer Zone Restoration and Development in Knuckles Forest Reserve
  • Assessments of Applications to the International Development Fund Malawi and South Asia
  • Climate Change Adaptation Project
  • The Potential to Help Increase Sub-Saharan Access to the Clean Development Mechanism
  • Evaluation of South African Water Governance Project
  • Scoping of a High-Deforesting Multi-country Programme for the Africa Regional Department
  • Promoting Autonomous Adaptation at the Community Level
  • Environment and Natural Resources Management Action Plan in the Upper Shire River Basin
  • Monitoring and Evaluation within Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation
  • Enhancing Community Resilience Programme: M&E Services
  • Integrated Assessment of Land Use Options
  • Appraisal of the Norway Climate Partnership in Support of the Ethiopian Climate Resilient Green Economy
  • Programme-level Monitoring and Evaluation Services for the Strategic Climate Institutions Programme and Climate High Level Investment Programme
  • Productive Safety Net Programme and Household Asset Building Programme: Climate Smart Initiative
  • Mid Term Review of A New Approach to the Conservation of Wild Coffea arabica in South-West Ethiopia: Exploring the Potential of Participatory Forest Management
  • M&E of the Earth and Sea Observation System
  • Monitoring and Evaluation for the Climate Innovation Centre
  • Final evaluation of Non Timber Forest Products-Participatory Forest Management project in SW Ethiopia
  • Specialist Evaluation and Quality Assurance Services
  • Forest Governance, Markets and Climate Framework
  • Environmental and Natural Resources Management Interventions in the Middle Shire River Basin
  • Nile Story
  • China-UK Collaboration on International Forest Investment & Trade (InFIT)
  • Examination of Hectares Indicator for the UK International Climate Fund
  • Analysis of Drivers of Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Malawi
  • Miombo Forests, Livelihoods and Climate Resilient Landscapes: Scoping Study
  • Evaluation of Carbon Market Finance Programme
  • Strengthening the Information Base of Natural Habitats, Biodiversity and Environmental Services in the Shire Basin
  • Portfolio Review and Gap Analysis for the Multi-Sectoral Investment Plan for Climate Resilience
  • Evaluation of the TIBA Centre
  • Preparation of the Comprehensive CRGE National Capacity Support Programme for GGGI Ethiopia