Philippa Lincoln

PhD, University of Aberdeen, 2008;

MSc Environmental Forestry, University of Wales, 2003;

BSc (Hons) Tropical Environmental Science, University of Aberdeen, 2000.

Philippa is an expert on forest and climate change issues with a particular focus on REDD+ and 10 years’ experience. Her expertise bridges forest ecology, sustainable forest management, forest-based climate change mitigation, statistical analysis and technical evaluation design. She has strong research skills and a PhD on the climate benefits of reduced-impact logging. Philippa also has extensive current knowledge of REDD+ issues and approaches, including the UNFCCC REDD+ process, multilateral and national REDD+ processes, REDD+ policies, issues and pilots. Philippa coordinated, codesigned and provided technical inputs to a four-year real-time evaluation of Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative, the world’s largest donor REDD+ initiative, and the largest development evaluation ever undertaken by the Norwegian government.

Her technical work focused on international and national REDD+ policy, national REDD+ processes, MRV and reference levels, research, civil society and pilot projects and initiatives. She has worked on forest issues in Africa (Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda), Southeast Asia (Malaysia and Indonesia), Central and South America (Costa Rica and Guyana). Philippa has excellent analytical and project management skills and strong experience in the co-ordination and management of complex programmes, including large and diverse international teams and local counterparts.


  • Evaluation and Learning Partnership on Financing Forest and Forest Related Enterprises
  • Forest Carbon Project in the Enoosupukia Forest Trust Land and Adjoining Areas
  • Contributions to a Global REDD+ Regime 2007-2010
  • Real Time Evaluation of Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative
  • Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries Horizon
  • Contributions to the Formulation and Implementation of National REDD Strategies
  • Lessons Learned from Support to Civil Society Organisations
  • Safeguarding REDD+: Towards Robust, Efficient and Transparent Financial Governance
  • Development of Forest Investment Strategy
  • Program for Eastern Indonesia SME Assistance (PENSA 2) End of Facility Review
  • Mid-Term Review of Norwegian funded LiDAR Project in Tanzania
  • M&E of the Earth and Sea Observation System
  • Real-time Evaluation of NICFI – Synthesis Evaluation
  • Framework Agreement for Climate, Forestry and Low-Carbon Development
  • Real-time Evaluation of Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative: Measurement, Reporting and Verification
  • Examination of Hectares Indicator for the UK International Climate Fund
  • Sustainable and Thriving Environments for West African Regional Development
  • Analysis of Drivers of Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Malawi
  • Review of the Global Green Growth Institute Country Programme in Indonesia
  • Development of Methodologies to Assess Changes in Carbon Stock for Managed Conservation Areas
  • Background Paper and Analysis of Country Data to Support Development of Comprehensive Landscape Methodological Approach
  • Mid-Term Evaluation of the NAMA Facility
  • Evaluation of the Congo Basin Forest Fund
  • Framework Agreement governing the purchase of consultancy services for climate, forestry and low-carbon development
  • Framework Agreement governing the purchase of consultancy services for climate, forestry and low-carbon development