Scott Geller

MSc Resource Management, University of Edinburgh (UK), 2001; BSc Environmental Studies. University of Vermont, Burlington, United States, 1998.

Scott is an experienced senior executive with a demonstrated history of working in the international development industry for the past 20 years.

In his current global role at NIRAS International Consulting (NIC), Scott is part of the business unit management team crafting strategies and strengthening the organisation of business development. He is focused on marketing and sales with strong skills in building great teams, proposal development, negotiation and relationship management across as highly diverse company. Scott retains a management role across NIC offices in the UK and Africa.

Prior to NIRAS acquiring LTS International Ltd in October 2018, Scott played a strategic and operational role in several aspects of company development and management over a 17-year period as a director and manager of the parent and subsidiary companies. Throughout his career Scott’s technical work has comprised of consulting on public sector forestry and institutional change processes. He has worked in more than 20 countries including long-term projects as an embedded advisor in the Governments of Uganda (2002-2004) and Kenya (2007-2009).


  • Climate Change and Resilience Programme
  • Feedback Grievance Redress Mechanism
  • Forest Governance Learning Group
  • National Forest Programme Support Services to the South Africa Forestry Programme
  • Design Support for a National Forest Programme
  • Linking National Forest Programme to Poverty Reduction Strategies
  • Forest Rehabilitation and Environmental Management Strengthening Programme
  • Institutional Support to Forest Sector Reform
  • Support Services for Implementation of Miti Mingi Maisha Bora
  • Forestry Mainstreaming Initiative
  • Review of Environmental Content of United Development Assistance Frameworks and Related Policy Frameworks
  • Classification and Status of Kenya’s Forest Ecosystems
  • Conservation and Rehabilitation of the Mau Forest Complex
  • Natural Resources Management Programme
  • Transforming Tanzania’s Charcoal Sector Feasibility Study
  • REDD+ Readiness Preparation Proposal
  • Conservation of Maasai Mau and Transmara Forest Blocks of Mau Forest Complex and Preparation of Project Investment Proposal
  • National Performance and Benefit Measurement Framework
  • Framework Agreement for Climate, Forestry and Low-Carbon Development
  • Planning for Resilience in East Africa through Policy, Adaptation, Research, and Economic Development
  • Monitoring and Support to Kosovo Forest Agency for implementing the Silvicultural Treatment of the Young Forests in Kosovo Project
  • Review of Civil Society Organisations working on REDD+
  • Due Diligence on a REDD+ Project in Kenya for IFCs Finance for Forestry (F4F) Bond
  • Review of Governance of the Forest Sector in Kenya
  • Independent M&E of the Northern Uganda Transforming the Economy through Climate Smart Agribusiness (NU-TEC)
  • Establishment and Management of a Technical Assistance Facility under the Programme of Support to Agriculture
  • Formulation of the Future Cooperation in the Kenyan Forestry Sector
  • Framework Agreement governing the purchase of consultancy services for climate, forestry and low-carbon development
  • Framework Agreement governing the purchase of consultancy services for climate, forestry and low-carbon development