Tillem Burlace

MSc Ecological Economics, University of Edinburgh, 2014.

BCom (Economics), Deakin University, 2005.

BA (Sociology), Deakin University, 2005.

Tillem is a senior consultant at LTS who works on applied economics. She previously worked for the Economics Branch in the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment in Australia as an economist advising on a range of innovative market-based mechanisms, including trialling the native vegetation exchange, a smart market mechanism for the native vegetation (biodiversity) offset market.

Tillem also worked in Vietnam as a Climate Change Officer with the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development where she prepared technical manuals on gender and climate change mainstreaming and undertook baseline surveys for a disaster risk reduction programme. Prior to this she was an economist with the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance providing analysis and advice to the Treasurer on areas including climate change, energy and forestry issues, and the Commonwealth Government’s emissions trading scheme.

Tillem is passionate about finding solutions to the complex social and environmental challenges facing our world. She is particularly interested in the nexus between development and the environment and finding solutions that balance social development, economic growth and environmental sustainability.

Tillem has experience in working on projects in Indonesia, Malawi, Cameroon and Liberia.


  • Evaluation of the Prosperity Fund and Programmes
  • Evaluation and Learning Partnership on Financing Forest and Forest Related Enterprises
  • Congo Basin Forest Fund – Assessment of REDD Project Proposals
  • Enhancing Community Resilience Programme: M&E Services
  • Spatial Planning for Sustainable Land Use Planning
  • Evaluation of Carbon Market Finance Programme
  • Sustainable Forest and Biodiversity Management in the Heart of Borneo
  • M&E Support to the Market Opportunities in the Somali Region of Ethiopia (MORE) project
  • Evaluation of the Congo Basin Forest Fund
  • Enabling REDD-Oriented Forest Management and Investment in East Kalimantan, Indonesia
  • Green Economic Growth Programme for Papua
  • Sustainable Sourcing of Soy
  • Scoping Study for a Green Cocoa Landscape Program in Cameroon